From Ripples

Breath moved slowly across water, pushed and pulled by invisible forces. Magnetic drags fluctuated up, up, then down, tempting moisture to come join a journey of promise, adventure and mystery. Soaring from where it had always been, the droplet feathered its way to look at once what it was – where its sway took it to kingdoms unbound and shores of sand, rock, and concrete, enlivened by moon and movement. Magnetic. Droplet and breath connect, and love flies. Dancing over swell and smooth, kissed by ultra-violet, to join kindred souls on a quest of evolution and regeneration.

From ripples to rugged granite, over moist pasture and welcoming leaf to descent. Magnetic drags fluctuating down, down, then up. The give resists resistance, allowing the ever-encompassing beauty of gravity, and its chaotic dance. A resting place beckons, chosen on random wind, pushed and pulled by dominoed nature.

Splashdown to veined leaf where misted breath waits to collate and befriend lost wishes in a bid to find heaven. Singulars become collective, allowing the final act its play. To gather at leaf tip, waiting for the slightest motion to overload towards deliverance. The landing upon earth is soft and beautiful, releasing breath to bring life and energy to earthy sapling, to be encapsulated into grain, to breathe life and light upon a world that knows nothing of itself, nor cared for how it became.

Tis not, nor never was, ours. For this is the best world.

Brief #2 Like the Prose 2021: Heaven or hell.
Copyright © 2021, Ray Hopkins, All Rights Reserved

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