Blossom Tilt

The way she looked, men she hooked, bound by silence and lust.

Take their shame to shallow grave, a legacy of foolish thrust.

A simple catching of an eye betrays the might of power and skill.

When he submits to loin’s heat, the blindness overspills.

A trap laid. A kingdom broken. An embryonic morn.

To pick the bones from ashes and sew the wounds of promise torn.

The dark will stay. No candle lit to light the way.

A world must learn to breathe. Take medicine prescribed, wait to receive

the knowing that will come from falling and the pain and scuffs and scabs it brings,

and never let the world go dark for fear to not hear when angel sings.

Blossom rise, blossom tilt. It is her beauties future wilt.

Be careful what your heart endures, for someone’s rose is your manure.

The end

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