everything was blackness


warm in the breath

tight, restricted

then the vibrations started

talking, as if in a distant chamber, undecipherable and mumbled, but somehow… cheery?

Winchester, chin on chest, opened his left eye, the lids parted slowly, breaking the glazed crust that had congealed on the lashes

blue, dashes of crimson, blurred

he had tried to open them both but there was something holding his right eye shut tight, he resisted to temptation to force it open

tight, restricted

he lifted his head, a window covered by yellow curtains slid from left to right, then spun into a blur morphing into a doorframe that led to another room, white

bright white

a figure, silhouette, whistling

the vibrations, were connected

to the pain he felt, but he didn’t know where pain was, just, behind him

“you awake yet? i’m not sure you’ll know who i am, but i’m sure you’ll remember what happened, your friends did”

the figure had turned and was walking towards Winchester, holding something, it reached for a chair and span it into the space between the two, flipped it between it’s knees, then straddled it to face Winchester

“it’s been a long time, i’d always expected this to be the hardest thing i’d ever have to do, but really, you were such a fairy, it was easy as pie”

it lifted an object up in front of Winchester’s face, thumbed at a button, making steam come hissing out of its flat angled underside

“they make these cordless nowadays, it’s amazing, they didn’t have cordless ones around when we last met”

Winchester tried to struggle his hands free, but whatever was holding him in restraint dug in sharper the more he tried to move

“you and your friends, not very nice, did you know I had to have three operations on my bumhole? my mum and dad were horrified, still, got me off school a while”

“i asked for an apology from your friends, but no, nothing, so I thought, teach some lessons”

“you see, i don’t believe that if a man decides he wants befriend a young boy… as in the way you and… you know, did, then they shouldn’t be condemned forever, people deserve a chance to make amends, redeem themselves, say sorry, and that’s all you need to do now, say sorry, so… anything to say?”

Winchester tried to speak, but the gaffer tape wrapped around the bottom half of his head meant he could only hum through his nose.

“no? you sure?”

it stood up and held the iron right in front of Winchester’s nose

“well, looks like we’ll have to help you become a better person, all we have to do is smooth out some of your creases”

it pressed the button



The End

Brief #9 Like the Prose 2021: Revenge Copyright © 2021, Ray Hopkins, All Rights Reserved

Photograph by Catherine O’Neill

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