The Kalinouski Tree

A naive and gifted young man must persuade his violent drug-dealing older brother, and a troubled reclusive widow, to help save a group of stranded Pilot whales before they all die on a remote Scottish beach; in a race against time, the tide and the gangsters who are coming to kill them.

Petr Kalinouski has quietly followed his older brother, Dimitri, from the tragedy of their childhood in war-torn Bosnia, to a grimy flat in the west-end of Newcastle.

Grace Mackay has lived alone on the north coast of Scotland for the last twenty years, the mystery of her missing children having torn her world apart.

When freak circumstances bring them all together, can ignoring their instincts and doing what’s right be the thing that finally eases their pain?

Writing of the first draft of The Kalinouski Tree was completed 5th of April 2021, and is currently being edited. An excerpt of the novel can be read here.