For Your Hyperopia Only

Day one of Scriptly Writing challenge with The Literal Challenge website. Fourteen screenplays in fourteen days, from a given prompt.

Prompt one – In the Kitchen.



Fade in from black.

Wide-shot – TERRY, 42, dressed in cotton pyjamas and dressing gown with his hair ruffled, he has just woken. He is sat at kitchen table facing a MAN, 35, dressed in black raincoat and black peaked cap – he is drenched. MAN has hands on table pointing a gun at TERRY. Beyond them is an oven with a digital clock display, they are both lit only by street lighting coming through the window blinds.



You know, it’s rude to point those things at people. You could have someone’s eye out.



(Nodding at clock display)

Du hast fünfzehn Minuten, um mir zu sagen, wo das Schicksal liegt

SUBTITLES- (you have fifteen minutes to tell me where the destiny is)


They both turn to look at the time on the oven clock. Close up of oven clock-it is 04:15


Return to wide shot.



Really not sure what you’re on about, pal, you wanna run that by me again?



Alle anderen sind weg. Wir können Sie auch verschwinden lassen.

SUBTITLES- (All the others are gone. We can make you dissappear too.)



Nope, no idea.



(In broken English)

You English are so ignorant…






But we will not rest until we have The Destiny back where it should be, and then the world can breath easy again.



The what?



And be assured, Mr Bond, to assure world peace, we will be taking no prisoners.



Ah, him again. This is the third time this has happened. What address were you after? Number seven?


MAN looks confused for a moment, then takes phone from inside pocket, presses thumb on home button and starts scrolling through menus.




One moment, please.


TERRY reaches into dressing gown pocket, MAN sees this and quickly lifts gun right into TERRY’s face. TERRY retrieves reading glasses from pocket, wiggles them in the air then slides them across the table.



Danke schön.


He puts glasses on to read screen.



(Mumbling to himself)

Verhör und Ermordung von…

SUBTITLES- interrogation and assasination of…


MAN lifts glasses away from face.



These are good. I should get for myself.



They’re a pound fifty in the pound shop. I’ve got loads. Keep them.



MAN smiles then puts them back on.



Oh, thanking of you. Good, sehr gut.


He continues reading messages.


Ah, and this is not number seven?



Eight. Seven is over the road.


MAN stands up and goes to look out of window, checking up and down street. He swivels to face TERRY, clicking heels together when doing so.



Please, you must accept my humble apologies. I am so sorry for this most inconsiderate intrusion.






(Pointing out of window)

So, erm, straight over? Facing.



Directly. Blue door. It even has a number seven on it.


MAN stands to military attention and bows a simple nod.



You are so kind. I shall leave now.


TERRY nods as MAN puts gun in pocket, slips glasses into breast pocket, smiling at TERRY as he does so, then walks to kitchen door, opens it before one final word before he exits.





He closes door behind himself. TERRY gets up to walk over to window.


Close up of TERRY.


TERRY takes phone from pocket, scrolls, presses call button, then lifts phone to ear. He waits for thirty seconds.



Hello, yeah me again. Sorry about it being the middle of the night… (beat) yeah, another one, yeah (beat) yeah, no bother, okay, goodni… (beat) yeah, can do, (beat) ah that’s lovely. Okay, I’ll see you then, night night. (Beat) oh, just one thing, in his coat pocket… my glasses… if you don’t mind. Okay, goodnight Jim. (He hangs up)


Wide shot of TERRY in kitchen. He opens fridge, takes out a bottle of milk, opens a cupboard, takes out a tumbler, fills it with milk, puts bottle back in fridge then walks over to window. He takes a sip. Waits. Then takes another. From outside the sound of multiple gun shots. Flashes of light illuminates TERRY’s face. The gun shots last for about ten seconds. When they cease, TERRY reaches for cord to close kitchen window blinds.


Cut to black.


The End.

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